Friday, July 27, 2012

New version? Impossibru

Hey everyone.

You are all too patient and wonderful.

There is a new version available Here.


- Game should no longer crash, hang or loop during any event, this includes Almsbridge Eidolon.
- Catacombs area partially added.
- Some balance changes regarding early-game creature encounters, should be easier.
- Items added to game world to make things easier at start.
- "Domain" map view added.  This was really hard to get to work but I learned a lot from the process.  Please tell me if this is a good thing and how to make it better.
- "Beastiary" added but not fleshed out.  I did not code this but I can edit it to add custom monster descriptions.  I'm sure you'll all enjoy the flavour text.
- Eidolon encounter expanded.
- New graphic for Fishbone (not currently implemented because I forgot this time)
- Various bug fixes and event improvements
- Stuff I'm probably forgetting.
- New gender switch.  Wow!  Be a female or a futa!  (Events not fully compatible yet)
- New menu splashscreen maybe?  I am not sure if I updated this last version or not.  Let me know.

Please tell me if the game is slower or laggier than it used to be.  I am not sure if it is just my computer or my build or what.  It may have something to do with the new Domain menu option I added if I coded it incorrectly.

This should be considered a 'maintenance' release as opposed to a new feature release, despite the Domain and Beastiary being added.  BUT the good news is I got a lot of this super hard back end stuff out of the way now and the behind-the-scenes event and variable connecting tightened up so the stuff that is in the game now should be good.

It's getting well past the point where I am able to do a run through to check all the changes I make to the game.  When I started it only took 5 minutes to complete the whole of the available content so making sure  everything worked together was easy but now it takes like 3 or 4 hours to go through it all.  This is good for the game but harder for development.

Anyway, look forward to new content release soon, I am really eager to continue the story.

- Michus