Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lack of updates

Hey everyone,

I know it's been like, forever since I posted an update.  This is because not a lot of work has gone into CoA in the past little while.  I am frankly too busy with trying to find solid work in my city and until that is sorted out I simply don't have the time to worry about or enjoy anything else.  Just like as in "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" I have to sort out the base-line stuff of food, survival and so on before I can do anything about self expression, creativity, etc etc.

This sucks as much for me as it does for you.  You guys don't get to play CoA yet and I don't get to have CoA finished and tucked under my belt yet.

The game is pretty solidly a third finished, some good mechanics are in there and the way I want them and some additional spells and effects and graphics have been made.  Aside from mapping and scripting the remaining two-thirds of the game there is still some pretty solid work that needs to be done on a few sprites but it's not so bad anymore now that the protagonist is done and the design for the baron has been set down.

Anyway I'm not here to ramble, but when I get stable in this real world thing I'll pour the work on CoA and get the story cooking.  (I know now pretty much the whole story progression and development, oh man you guys are gonna love it!)

Stay tuned, but patiently.  :P

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New demo version out - 1.07.1

*edit*  There was a hilarious bug in version 1.05, if you downloaded that it won't work at all.  Links have been updated with version 1.06 which should work correctly.

**edit** links have been further updated with version 1.07 which contains a custom icon for the game file, fixes the map-crashes and is in a Zip file rather then a self extracting executable, so AV programs should be a little less paranoid.

***edit*** V. 1.07.1 is out, fixed two crash bugs and slightly lowered difficulty of some enemies, (Bandit & cockatrices)

Since it's been requested so much, I put together a new demo that contains all the features and updates put into the game since the last demo version.  Since there are so many (admittedly minor) improvements I won't mention them here, but suffice it to say you should have a much cleaner and more complete experience and it should start feeling quite a bit like an actual game now.

The demo only features about 10 maps I think and it's not representative of the final experience since it's missing two recruitable npcs, several cutscenes, 30+ maps and so on.

Of course I'm only about a third or so done with the game.  I haven't had a lot of time to work on the game lately as I've been spending most of my days looking for work downtown and enjoying a few 'lovely' temp jobs.

When things settle down I can plug away at it for a few good hours and get a cutscene or a few maps done, it's just a matter of time until it's complete.  I would love to have the game finished and done for you guys but I can only work on it so fast.  :P

Anyway, hope you enjoy the cleaner demo experience.  As always the game is contained in a self-extracting executable so simply give it a folder to empty out in and it should contain all the necessary DLLs and other add-ons to function correctly without needing to install a run time package or RPG Maker XP.  If it doesn't work for you for some reason let me know and I'll look into it.

Oh and do feel free to spread the word to your friends about the game, the more people enjoying it the happier I'll be.  Oh also:  If I receive enough in donations I'll try to get Faustie to whip up a few commissions (title screen, alternative character sexes (female, herm, erect, etc)).


Oh, the link for the download is Here and on the right hand side of this page on the menu.