Thursday, March 15, 2012

New post coming up

Hi guys, I meant to have a new version put up and available on the Sunday but the scraping together of real life coins has taken time away from development.  New post and version soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Article at Tentacle Specialist

I've never seen this blog before but it seems to be an aggregate of various h-games with a write-up on each.  Very interesting.  The most recent one is a write-up of Conquest of Avindale.


New post to come soon, a few new interesting features in the next version including a bestiary.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New version, re-hosting

Hi all,

Very sorry about the delay it took me to rehost the files.  My original intent was to make some changes and bugfixes to the version that had gone up before I rehosted, but that took longer than I was expecting.  Well it's done now!

Download Link:



- Visiting the top of the mountain should no longer cause the player to stand in front of trees and objects instead of behind them.
- Shop screen should correctly show name of character (bug was back at chargen, fixed.)
- Egon encounter should no longer duplicate Egon
- Character should no longer want to wear the disguise in Almsbridge if the disguise has already been revealed
- Throneroom imp should no longer move twice
- Spelling errors corrected
- Characters will now join at Your Character Level -1 as intended.
- Catacombs no longer as buggy

I should mention one thing about the bug hunting everyone has been doing.  It's very helpful for me because you found a bug I never would have found, or could have taken me a long time to find and could have wrecked havoc.  The bug in question related to how the game treats the different Ulguth classes.  While it is not strictly necessary to do it this way I was building the Ulguth character with two different sets of attribute progressions, so the arcane caster would have higher int and the knight would have more str, etc.  Because I was doing it this way it made it so that anytime I referenced the Ulguth character I was only referencing one of them (I think the spellcaster, but not sure) so this resulted in some people experiencing bugs such as a store not showing your name properly, and some characters joining your party at the wrong level, this because they were referencing the 009 Ulguth, not the 014 Ulguth, and if you picked the 014 Ulguth you would not get properly referenced later in the game.  If this bug would have gone undetected it would have been awful, as half the games would not be working properly.

Anyway, thanks muchly for the bug testing!  I'm just sorry I haven't got as much new content in the game as I would have liked, but what is already in has been improved and tightened up fairly considerably, and it has given me a better ability to create error-free script in the future.  Cheers all!

- Michus