Saturday, March 3, 2012

New version, re-hosting

Hi all,

Very sorry about the delay it took me to rehost the files.  My original intent was to make some changes and bugfixes to the version that had gone up before I rehosted, but that took longer than I was expecting.  Well it's done now!

Download Link:



- Visiting the top of the mountain should no longer cause the player to stand in front of trees and objects instead of behind them.
- Shop screen should correctly show name of character (bug was back at chargen, fixed.)
- Egon encounter should no longer duplicate Egon
- Character should no longer want to wear the disguise in Almsbridge if the disguise has already been revealed
- Throneroom imp should no longer move twice
- Spelling errors corrected
- Characters will now join at Your Character Level -1 as intended.
- Catacombs no longer as buggy

I should mention one thing about the bug hunting everyone has been doing.  It's very helpful for me because you found a bug I never would have found, or could have taken me a long time to find and could have wrecked havoc.  The bug in question related to how the game treats the different Ulguth classes.  While it is not strictly necessary to do it this way I was building the Ulguth character with two different sets of attribute progressions, so the arcane caster would have higher int and the knight would have more str, etc.  Because I was doing it this way it made it so that anytime I referenced the Ulguth character I was only referencing one of them (I think the spellcaster, but not sure) so this resulted in some people experiencing bugs such as a store not showing your name properly, and some characters joining your party at the wrong level, this because they were referencing the 009 Ulguth, not the 014 Ulguth, and if you picked the 014 Ulguth you would not get properly referenced later in the game.  If this bug would have gone undetected it would have been awful, as half the games would not be working properly.

Anyway, thanks muchly for the bug testing!  I'm just sorry I haven't got as much new content in the game as I would have liked, but what is already in has been improved and tightened up fairly considerably, and it has given me a better ability to create error-free script in the future.  Cheers all!

- Michus


  1. So, I don't know if this is where I am supposed to report bugs but:

    - In the fishing village, after defeating the guards and the men in the building, I can't enslave the women. Or do anything to them at all. I can only talk to the 2 behind the counter.

  2. That hasn't been coded in yet, sorry.

  3. Thank you very much for the content and the game you've offered :) It's a pleasure to play... in more ways than one :P Here's to new content and happy coding in future updates to come!

    1. Also, I was wondering if you could indulge on Pregnancy slightly more in-game, either impregnating captured slaves or such... or perhaps getting the main character pregnant? Either way, just a small suggestion that I'd like to see. :)

    2. I would *love* to! It's not easy to script that kind of thing in, as there's no easy way to measure 'time' in the game, at least none that I've found... but.. maybe I should really invest... hmmmmmmmmmm. I will get back to you. Regardless I love monstrous pregnancy as much as you, and will surely have some of it in.

    3. Well, I'm sure you could incorporate some day and night cycles :) Have you ever played a pregnancy game called VH (( If not, I think you could grab loads of good ideas from this.

    4. Michus, maybe using the clock from the computer, like some games do. Is that possible? (I am well aware of how easy it is to cheat time with the clock from the computer tho).

    5. Nope I've got it figured out.


      Wait 200 frames;
      time.Minutes + 1;

      time.Minutes >= 60;
      time.Hours + 1;
      time.Minutes = 0;

      time.Hours >= 24;
      time.Days + 1;
      time.Hours = 0;
      Repeat Above

      With 200 frames that equates to about 10 seconds. So one game minute passes every 10 seconds. I can change this value to whatever I want based on the initial 'frame' value I choose.

      This is not.. perfect, I don't think this runs if a conversation window is open, or if the menu is up, but it should work for the 'running' around part. I can also time.Hours + 8 everytime the player sleeps and have another process running which makes the scene light or dark based on the time, with a variable set for 'if indoors yes/no' flag so I don't change the lighting details for underground areas.

      Yes, this should work.

    6. Oh, I should do it differently.

      Instead of resetting the time variables to 0 I should just -60 and -24 them, so if there is overrun, like if the time is at 23 hours and then the player sleeps, adding 8 hours to the timer, then if I -24 from that variable then it goes to 7, not 0.

    7. Looks like you're making progress already! Glad to hear and good luck! :)

  4. Awesome game, looking forward to the complete version =p

    Just to be sure, this version ends after beating the big dragon guardian thing that the mayor of that town up north summons right?

  5. Correct, after beating the guardian of the northern town the game does not continue.

    Also thank you guys for the nice words. I'll try to get out a new version every week.

    1. If I keep my save for the next release, will it be able to transfer over to the new version? I know it does that for VH but I am not sure if it would work with this one

  6. Michus, just one thing tho, it is a suggestion:

    Currently, the explanation for the supplies, corruption, souls and female is only avaiable at the orb in the lair, but you only get there after you already made quite a few decisions. It would be better to have the first girl you get as your thrall, the one with heal, explain about corruption, females, sould and supplies the moment you step outside that dungeon where you are summoned, so the players know what they are doing when they get to the graveyard, the father or the town. =p

    1. I do not know if I agree with this exactly. It is a tough thing to provide information without slowing down the game too much. I am not totally satisfied with the way Clarissa presents a lot of information to you in the beginning of the game after you leave the keep.. but I have to work with the limitations of the game engine for now.

      One of the things I dislike the most about JRPGs is the incredibly long but choiceless story progression and exposition. If I can remove that even a bit I'll be happy :)

    2. You could just remove what stops the explanation from being available before people make the various decisions, if slowing down story progress is what bothers you.

      Like, move a locked door or something, I forget what exactly stands between a new player and the room with the crystal.

  7. I defeated the boss after the guard in the fishing village and nothing happent is this because it has not been scripted yet or a bug?
    I cant go west in the snow area with the signpost which says in the west is olvlad? or so.
    would be nice if you could interact with the femals who you have captured.

  8. very nice game, looking forward for more.
    btw tentacle monsters?

  9. What is with the "secret water" thing with the hermit?
    Is it actually supposed to do something?

  10. It's a secret. Obviously I can't just *tell* you.

    Of course, the 'secret' isn't in the game yet, so don't waste time hunting for it :e

  11. Hum Is it a bug that after beating "Eidolon" the game does as if I didn't actually beat it? I mean... nothing responds with me, the dragon thingie is still there, and when I try to leave, the same dialogue as the first time arounds pops up. Only this time the dragon doesen't hop onto the screen, it hops away... Then I have to fight it again?! xD
    (It does this non-stop, I've beaten it twice in a row already)
    Sooo.. Is it just not coded or is it a bug? x)

    1. I don't know but it takes a lot of luck and reloading to beat that thing.
      Mainly because:
      1. It tends to crit for ridiculous damage (thousands, one shots a char)
      2. It casts a spell mass water that insta kills the whole party. (or sometimes leaves Eigon with ~30HP out of 1200 if lucked out).

      And I killed EVERY enemy in the game before taking it on so I am max level (lack of spawning enemies mean you can't properly grind).
      Well, max level for corrupt route (I notice that redeption gives you more XP).

      Speaking of, author, please do not punish us for using our brain. For example, tricking the bandits out their souls? You get 5 souls +2 supplies.
      Fighting and killing them you get XP + Money + 5 souls + supplies.
      At the very least trickery should be even if not superior.

      Likewise in the first hut you see a father and daughter who are obviously incestous, you can take his soul and then have your way with her. Or go to her and kill him and battle and then have your way with her. The latter route is smarter and easier but gives you less money and XP.

  12. Hi there, interesting game.
    One question, does your choice of Arcanist vs Knight affect the story in any way? How about affecting side quests, base building, etc? Basically ANYTHING other then combat

    I absolutely love the idea of role playing a mage but the only time when I have ever seen a choice between mage and fighter affect anything at all other then combat is in PnP games.

    This is a problem because mages usually are a PITA to play in combat, especially in an RPG where you have to grind. Not in terms of being hard, in terms of carpal tunnel causing extra clicks compared to the fighter.

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  14. Somebody asked in an email if their save would carry over. I can't find that comment now but the answer is yes it would carry over, however due to the mechanics of how the game functions and because I go back and re-edit older material such as during the intro cutscenes I strongly recommend not using old saves for now.

    I still have a major change to make to the beginning of the game, and older saves would become majorly broken as a result. Please hold off on 'saving' your saves until I make a note of it in a release that it's okay to do so. I'll try to 'lock' the first section of the game to make this do-able.

  15. I am not sure wether i am the only one with the bug or not, but after i fought with the last boss so far, the Eidolon, i could pass to the docs. HOWEVER, when i came back and tried to leave, well, the fella summoned the Eidolon again. I defeated it, and moved down one step. The Eidolon again. So i got stuck and had to restart the game : D lol. Great work otherwise

  16. When I go all the way to the west past the snowy mountains it just stops although the road clearly goes on is that a bug or just not implemented yet?

  17. Though not a fan of Futa or Rape, I did find the overlord aspect of the game quite interesting. The ability to build an army and so on.

    I paid the bandits north of the town for their service, but nothing seemed to happen. No options, no talk, nothing.

    At the very least, you should get some numbers added to your horde.