Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrations and Anxiety!

Good news everyone!

I've been laid-off from work due to economic difficulties of my company!

This is actually something that makes me very happy, as I will be able to once again devote my time to two of my favourite things, working on this game and saving money by eating cat food.

I have no idea where I will be or what quality cardboard box I will be living out of, but I am happy!  I mean, terribly anxious, but haaapppyyyy!

Please do not take this as a plea for money, the amount of time I have been able to put into the game over the past few months has been shameful, and well below my own standards, I don't deserve any donations for the game based off of that performance.  However, I look forward to getting the game really rolling again because frankly I owe it to you all, you guys have been as keen on this game as I have, and I really deeply appreciate all of your support and comments.

To tell the truth, this game and your support really helped me out of a bad state last year.  I was at a very low point.  I'll spare you the specifics but suffice it to say I was really lacking in the good things in my life at the time.  My new years resolution to start working on the game on January 1st and the support and interest I received from all of you really gave me some validation and helped me out more than you could know.  It's silly to say, but the praise and energy I received from everyone while I was working on the game, and my own focus on it, gave me what I needed to pull myself out of that bad place.

It really is silly though, considering it's just some hentai jrpg game, but hey gotta have something right?  It even helped give me the confidence to start writing and submitting short stories to magazines, something I could not bring myself to do before, and while that has not yet been the amazing success I was hoping it would be, the feedback I've received from professional editors has encouraged me to keep it up.

The only shame of it all is that despite the satisfaction and fulfillment I get from doing the game design and fiction writing, it's not something I can make a living off of, at least not yet.

Regardless of all that I'm a bit rambling now, let me just end by saying once again thank you to you all.  Your interest in this project has helped me out personally and dearly.  I look forward to repaying you all by finishing the game and making many more in the future.  Thank you!

- Michus


  1. I completely understand your feeling, got laid off too. Happy to be out of that job, but anxious about where to go from there. love the game and can't wait to see what you do with it next.

    Good luck.

  2. Hey Michus very sorry to hear about your job and hope that you will be able to find a way to make an income

  3. Nice game. Lookin forward to seeing where u go with this.

    Keep on fightin! ;)

  4. Is there a way to get a weapon? All my physical atks do 0. Only magic does anything and I havn't found a way to refill my mps yet.. Also, any way to get back into your base? Poor women must be lonely in there. ;P


    1. I'm glad you are happy. Hope you find some new job or other financial stability soon!

  5. Good luck bro. I really love the idea behind the game. I had this same idea years ago but i got no talent haha. Glad to see someone else is actually doing it :)

  6. Suggestions if you want to make a well-rounded "fleshed out" project out of this;

    1. Gauge interest. (Find out how many 'followers' you still have across all sites.)
    2. BiDaily website updates. (AKA High activity)
    3. Bolster Community interest. (Bump threads with your content, exchange links with other project sites, eventually consider your own forum)
    4. Live Stream. (Biggest growing trend across all game platforms, from Chess to Supermario to WoW to Battlefield3)
    5. Commissions. (or other services you can provide directly to the community in return for donations)

    This roughly ends up in more awareness and interest of your content. (Read; Donations) Which in return gives you more incentives to continue.

    You are not the first nor the last in this position.
    10 years ago it would be near impossible to start a niche project like this up without hard-cash and advertising.

    Today; All you need is an idea, time invested, a niche good product (+the futa fan-base that comes along) and passion.

    Good luck.

  7. Hi you should even think about haveing some sort of a small text which we all can read 2 know whats new Int ur demos and so on ... Just a bit of advice whether u like it or not its up 2 you...

    But i have tested it a couple of times and i gotta hand it 2 you its awesome it s a funny 2

  8. Being persistent is the key when it comes to writing, that and copious amounts of luck. Hope you have much of the latter.

    I can't wait to play this.

  9. Hey mate,

    As bad as it sounds I feel happy to hear that you have more time to work on this project. I only wish it didn't come at the cost of your job.

    Anyway I have played the game thoroughly and I have to give credit to you, for only being about 30% complete it is an amazing game. Currently I have 4 people in my party including the fish king (I like his pic btw :P) and Edward the axe guy. I have them all at high levels.
    This is how: I've tried to keep it as general as possible to not give away too much but it's a nice little cheat to power level your characters.
    *Spoiler* I only notice that after beating the giant worm/beast in the mines that there was a post/stump thing, I am pretty sure it was there before I challenged the worm but I know it definitely works after. I went to it and pressed enter. It said do you want to level your character 5 levels, I just kept pressing enter until they were over level 100. Just a bit of a warning it does take a lot of the fun away from the game but it helps if you are really stuck. It's the only reason why I can beat that giant summon beast in that fishing town*End Spoiler*

    *Spoilers ahead read at your own peril*
    As I said before an awesome game, just some little things that I noted that bothered me a little. Every time there is a sex scene the girl's hair colour changes (e.g. a grey haired girl changes to black hair) I don;t think it is a bug or anything but it is noticeable. Also when I talk to the fish king about breeding I have tried to click on the higher demon spawn but the conversation just closes. I assume that because of you level or some other factor you can't use those but it would be nice to have a dialogue box say that instead of wondering if the game is buggy. Also when I did click on the lowest demon spawn, I am not sure what to so after that. I noticed that there is a picture of another girl that appears in the pit covered in cum so maybe it is a time factor or it's just not implemented yet.

    There were other things that I noticed but I assume that those are only because of not being implemented yet, though on a side note I am really excited to see the things not yet implemented like the new towns, the training of minions and summons :D

    All in all just little things that I noticed but a truly fantastic game. I wouldn't be surprised if you could actually sell/license this game....well maybe after editing and adding better graphics and art but just for the amount of effort with little financial backing to go with it, it is truly amazing. I am looking forward to seeing the completion of this game.

    Keep up the good work mate. Ja Ne

  10. Thank you all for your responses and insights. Believe me I appreciate every word of advice and commenting.

    On a plus side, depending on how the next few days go I may have some excellent news to share with everyone. (No, not a new and bugfixed version yet, working on all the kinks, but it is good news anyway)

  11. qick question, how do you backspace when choosing a name?

  12. as a knight the main characters melee attacks do 0 damage.

  13. Although you are not active looking for donations, you can take requests for inclusion on the story for a small ammount like 5$.

    Its a win win situation, you usually get good ideias and scenarios and you also get some pocket money.

    If its something you really feel its not consistent with the story you can adapt it or veto it.

    Justy 2cents.

  14. man, this game is just great!
    looking forward for an update!
    luck in your life man!

  15. Found a link to your blog yesterday on, and really enjoyed whats available for your game so far. Will definitely be following your work from this point onward.

    If your looking for cross game advertisement you should try Otherworld, SlaveMaker, and Corruption of Champions. I think the creators of all three would enjoy your game.

    Also second D's suggestion of offering a paid request service. The creator of CoC has a similar system that he pulls out ever so often and while he says he can't use it to replace a job you may find it helpful. You could have request content be in either alternate dimensions or parts of the demon realm so it doesn't interfere with your story.

    Hope some of that helps and keep up the great work, I look foreword to playing your new versions.

  16. Keep it up, man. I've been following this project for quite some time and I hope you can pull it off. Also, I'd very much like to see what you've written so far. I'm writing a little bit myself and I think I'm not the only one who'd love to see that.

    On a side note, I just tried downloading CoA via the version 0.33 link but the mirror seems to be down. You might want to look into it.

    Best of wishes.

  17. hi i have found a bug in angler fish dungeon tha makes your character move on its own and stucks on the piano and doesn't let you move him yourself and it had affect all of my saves also

  18. When are we going to get a new download link? The one right now isn't working, and I'm curious to try this one out

  19. Yep, I just found this and tried to download but the links don't work, can you reupload it please

  20. Played through what you've got out so far and was wondering how you felt about giving the player the option to play with the captured girls, or if there will be specific girls you get to play with at your castle after you catch them?

  21. Yes, doing things with the captured people is an important part of the game. It will be implemented in the final version.

    Additionally I have great news that will come with a new post later today and a link to the latest version which includes a new character generation option which I think you all will like.