Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yes, okay, still alive but not currently working on the game

It's agonizing for me to say it but I just haven't had the time to work on the game.

Working full time is great for the bank account but tragic for my free time.

I'm very happy to say though that I think about the game every day on my commute home, today especially I was thinking "There are these people that are really interested in the game you're making, you shouldn't keep letting them down by NOT working on the game when you get home."

So I understand your pain, I've been on that side of the fence before (watching Slavemaker development!) where there's all this awesome game that's being made but it's just taking soooo long.

Know that I still care, and I'll see what I can do to pull together some extra time in my day to do game work, even a little.

(bonus news: I'm moving closer to the city soon so I get an extra hour and a half a day of free time.  that should be good time to work on game!)

Again sorry I haven't been getting more game made, but when it is eventually complete I'm sure you guys will think it was worth the wait.  Although that's a terrible thing to have to say. so... ah... 'when it's ready' D:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Still alive

Heyo folks.

I'm still alive here, and thinking about the game I just still don't have any time to do anything about it.  Oh hey, you know this job-search thing is taking way longer then usual.  Someone said to me the other day that we were in some kind of recession? Goodness you wouldn't know it by looking out a window!  Anywho, seems like nobody wants to hire anymore so I'm kind of stuck, shucks!

Anyway, just wanted to remind you guys that I'm not dead and the game is still on my mind even if I can't do anything about it.  Will keep you all informed.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lack of updates

Hey everyone,

I know it's been like, forever since I posted an update.  This is because not a lot of work has gone into CoA in the past little while.  I am frankly too busy with trying to find solid work in my city and until that is sorted out I simply don't have the time to worry about or enjoy anything else.  Just like as in "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" I have to sort out the base-line stuff of food, survival and so on before I can do anything about self expression, creativity, etc etc.

This sucks as much for me as it does for you.  You guys don't get to play CoA yet and I don't get to have CoA finished and tucked under my belt yet.

The game is pretty solidly a third finished, some good mechanics are in there and the way I want them and some additional spells and effects and graphics have been made.  Aside from mapping and scripting the remaining two-thirds of the game there is still some pretty solid work that needs to be done on a few sprites but it's not so bad anymore now that the protagonist is done and the design for the baron has been set down.

Anyway I'm not here to ramble, but when I get stable in this real world thing I'll pour the work on CoA and get the story cooking.  (I know now pretty much the whole story progression and development, oh man you guys are gonna love it!)

Stay tuned, but patiently.  :P

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New demo version out - 1.07.1

*edit*  There was a hilarious bug in version 1.05, if you downloaded that it won't work at all.  Links have been updated with version 1.06 which should work correctly.

**edit** links have been further updated with version 1.07 which contains a custom icon for the game file, fixes the map-crashes and is in a Zip file rather then a self extracting executable, so AV programs should be a little less paranoid.

***edit*** V. 1.07.1 is out, fixed two crash bugs and slightly lowered difficulty of some enemies, (Bandit & cockatrices)

Since it's been requested so much, I put together a new demo that contains all the features and updates put into the game since the last demo version.  Since there are so many (admittedly minor) improvements I won't mention them here, but suffice it to say you should have a much cleaner and more complete experience and it should start feeling quite a bit like an actual game now.

The demo only features about 10 maps I think and it's not representative of the final experience since it's missing two recruitable npcs, several cutscenes, 30+ maps and so on.

Of course I'm only about a third or so done with the game.  I haven't had a lot of time to work on the game lately as I've been spending most of my days looking for work downtown and enjoying a few 'lovely' temp jobs.

When things settle down I can plug away at it for a few good hours and get a cutscene or a few maps done, it's just a matter of time until it's complete.  I would love to have the game finished and done for you guys but I can only work on it so fast.  :P

Anyway, hope you enjoy the cleaner demo experience.  As always the game is contained in a self-extracting executable so simply give it a folder to empty out in and it should contain all the necessary DLLs and other add-ons to function correctly without needing to install a run time package or RPG Maker XP.  If it doesn't work for you for some reason let me know and I'll look into it.

Oh and do feel free to spread the word to your friends about the game, the more people enjoying it the happier I'll be.  Oh also:  If I receive enough in donations I'll try to get Faustie to whip up a few commissions (title screen, alternative character sexes (female, herm, erect, etc)).


Oh, the link for the download is Here and on the right hand side of this page on the menu.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bandits? We don't need no stinkin' bandits!

Hello one and all.

Many new improvements to speak of including some cutscenes and new maps, but I'll show a screenshot of one of the new encounters in the game.  It's not hard to find, but there are several interesting choices to make at the Skullfuckers Bandit Base pictured here:

There's some tweaks I still need to make to the scene (weather) and fill in some of the consequences and code mechanics (money loss, soul gain, etc... bandit acquisition as well.)

Anyway, progress is good and I've got a lot more time lately to work on the game but due to the lack of development last month I'm going to have to push the release date back a bit.  It really depends on how polished a game you guys want on the first version release.... and since I'd like to put my best foot forward rather then chase after crappy little bugs that ruin an adventure... well, I'll try to put out a pretty solid game on the first run through before concentrating on making a Deluxe version with new sound effects, adventures and so on.

I'll definitely be working on a second game after this one, and I already have a few ideas kicking around in my head which I'll make a poll about in the future.

As always I would like to thank the few people who have donated for development so far, your donations give me enthusiasm and support for the project and help pay for those pots of delicious coffee I chug down day after day.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check in

Hello everyone,

Though I have been very distracted in life lately and haven't had the time to put much work into the game I am still chipping away at it here and there.  I have recently added in a new town to the game and have coded in the first optional 'heroic' action for the character along with some interesting battles and dialogue I think.  So far no picture-based sex scene but that's only because the area I've been working on doesn't need or can't fit one in.  As the game progresses and more areas are completed, I will see where I can put in some scenes like that.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still here and still working on it.  When I get a considerable amount more work done I will send a beta-build to the testers (bless them) and give you guys some screencaps.

Live and love safe, everybody!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Update

Hey folks,

Sorry about a lack of an update on the weekend, I had to take care of some family matters out of town.

Additionally game-development will be light for the next few days while I spend more time and energy looking for some full or part time work in my area.  Vancouver has a pretty bustling economy so I should be able to find something.

I will continue to keep you all appraised on game progress and will probably find time to put in the first picture/sex scene combo event in the meantime.

Stay tuned!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Update

Hello readers!

I've been busily and steadily working on the game and now we're up to 41 maps with a heck of a nice game shaping up.  I've finished mapping and started eventing the second town in the game now and also been working on combat mechanics including skills and other options. I had a few ideas for some new polls as well which I'll put up with this post.  I'll elaborate a little on the poll choices:

What are the most important components of the game for you?

For the answer 'Combat novelty and balance' I mean to refer to a variety of skills that interact with one another in interesting ways such as the commonly used Elemental Combos in games like Ogre Battle (Fire+Earth=Volcano).  Alternatively or in conjunction with that there is the idea of Lust/sex as an element or possibly as a stat like HP or SP.

For the answer 'Sex in Combat' I mean to refer to spells that force orgasms on the opponent, Lust as a Stat like HP/SP, basically sexuality taking an important part of the combat.  (This is a lot more work then the first choice)

For the answer 'Story/plot' I mean to refer to everything that happens outside of a combat screen.  This includes character development and portrayal, and all the things that make a good setting and storyline.

For the answer 'Sex in sprite form' I mean to refer to scenes like the ones already in the demo such as in the cabin or the Colosseum.

For the answer 'Picture + sex description and choices' I mean to refer to how it's done in Legend of Queen Opala.  These are not especially difficult to do, and I'm going to be implementing several of them in my game, the trouble is matching the story as it exists with pictures available to me.  As I can't draw a stickman without fucking it up, I rely exclusively on borrowed art.  In the case of Faustie I have several interesting art pieces I'll be using but there's always room for more.

For the answer 'More Game' I mean do you care about this being a game like... well, a game.  Think Final Fantasy 6.

For the answer 'More Sex' I mean do you just want an interactive space to indulge in all kinds of described depravity with little to not overarching plot of any concern.  The 'game' merely being a vehicle towards getting your fap on.


You can select more then one answer and if you want the game to be equal parts game and sex (or at least balanced) just check both options and it comes out the same.


I've been working on trying to find a MIDI music maker of some kind to use for the project but to be honest it's been trouble enough developing the skills to script the game plus the sprite-editing I've had to learn how to do as well and frankly I have as much musical talent as I do artistic talent.  Unfortunately while the tools and techniques used for sprite editing are relatively approachable I've had no such luck with finding any way to make any kind of music or sound effects for the game aside from taking them from other sources or using the included audio with the RTP.  Too bad, but I can certainly get by.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with the game and news.  I'm still on schedule for a march release but I'm picking up some part time work to pay the bills so I don't know how that will affect development time.  I already know that I'll be making a sequel and frankly I think this is what I want to do as a career.  The game-development part, not necessarily the sex-game part.  I haven't fully decided if I'll be making the sequel a sex game like this one or a more toned down version (still adult rated, but not so explicit).  I'll put up a vote about that after you guys play the finished version.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

New demo version out - development number crunching

New demo version out, v# 1.04:

Get v 1.04 Here


- new protagonist sprite graphics and battler graphic (minor flaws in battler graphic will be corrected next version)
- added 4 skills to right-side summoning crystal
- graphical improvements for intro sequence
- logical/if-then improvements across the board
- sound, etc customization

Of course the demo is a work in progress and will continue to be updated occasionally, carrying with it all improvements made in the main game.  Development of the main game varies between making new things and improving existing components.  Since few 'new' things are added to the demo, you guys will only see the improvements that take effect across the board or are demo-realm specific.  For example there are 10 maps, two recruitable npcs, several custom items and an extensive cutscene that are in the game and working 100% but not included in the demo for spoiler and other obvious reasons.

Enjoy!  Feedback as always is welcome.


So far the game numbers 28 maps and growing gameplay opportunities.  As we are in day 22 of development I believe we are on schedule for a march deployment.

If each person who downloaded demo v# 1.03 donated a dollar to development I would be able to continue production of the game on those funds alone for five months.  As I only need two in order finish the game that seems to suggest a sequel, now doesn't it?  So far however the donation jar is empty and I've been spending my time recently looking for some part time work to prop up funds.  No worries about me not finishing the game, I wouldn't threaten anything like that - I still intend to complete it - but by spending time working I lose time that could be spent on development and so the release date will be pushed back.  Nothing can do about that.  I'll continue to keep everyone appraised of progress!

Oh and.. while I'm here, how about a sneak peak of a scene in the game?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vote Analysis - Faustie's Drawing

Ahoy viewers,

The results of the latest vote are in.

For the question "What do you think of Faustie's picture?"
25% of you said It's Incredible
51% of you said It's Really Good
12% of you said It's Okay
5% of you said 'I Don't Like It'
and 5% of you just don't like the style.

The majority here is Positive with a large portion following up with Very Positive but a not insignificant number of people are not satisfied with the image.  Let's try to discern the reasons why:

Many of you reported in comments or forum threads that you're not fond of the testicles or the lack of an erection or both.  I can appreciate and agree with the principle.  I'll be sending an email to Faustie wondering if he would be interested in adding some gender-variations for us including full-female.  In the event that I get a full suite of gender-forms I will try to incorporate several or many of those forms into the game as choices either during char-gen or during gameplay. (doing one would make the other easy)

I will make a vote option regarding character gender next.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Development Status

Hello all,

Development has been progressing steadily and efficiently over the past few days, following a 'boom and bughunt' style of development where I lay out a new quest or area rapidly and in one big push before sending it out to my betatesters.  The betatesters run through the first iteration and report back to me all of the bugs and logical flaws they find as well as comments.  Usually by the time I get the first reports back I am already finishing up the second iteration of a room or scene sequence.  Allow me to explain what I mean by 'iteration':

The first version of a map is usually quite barebones with the text filled into a scene but usually without the underlying mechanics fully fleshed out yet.  During the next iteration individual mechanical components are added and tested one by one by me and then I ship the whole production to the betatesters who run through the whole game to see how new components interact with existing mechanics.  It is especially crucial that the betatesters run through the full game because frequently during development I go back to older maps and either change or improve some aspect of the game (for example adding class-choice at the beginning intro sequence) which naturally has significant impact on the rest of the game.

After the second or third iteration of a particular map sequence or quest I usually leave that area to work on new components, occasionally spending time to go back and link old and new components together or finish development of mechanics that rely on some other feature that I have not yet put in.

It is in this fashion that development has progressed and will likely to continue to progress.  I still have two party member quests to complete, the main game storyline and also some Keep features.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Protagonist Sprite WIP + Second Party Member quest

Using existing models as a guide the following sprite has been created and is 75% complete, with only an 'up facing' sequence left to do.

Additionally the quest to get your second party member has been completed with extensive dialogue and 4 new maps.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Poll Results and Analysis

Our fist poll closed yesterday.  When asked the question "What do you think of the name of the game?" the results were:

39% of you responded with "It's great!"
41% of you responded with "It's good"
16% of you responded with "It's okay"
and two people thought it was not okay.

This shows us clearly that the majority are either satisfied or very satisfied with the game's name.  But really how much does a name matter?  Isn't it the game that counts?

Yes and no.

A name is a first impression, a name is a pretty face that invites you to learn about her personality.  While a name doesn't change the quality of what's inside, it does change how people initially perceive a thing.  If the game were called 'The Adventures of Hoola-Hoop Hickory Stick' I don't think people would be getting the right impression from what the game offers.

Part of my reasoning about choosing THIS name before something else is mainly in the fact that a lot of RPG games are 'quest of this' and 'quest of that' and since this RPG was a sort of inverse of the typical formula, that made a 'conquest of something' seem like a good choice since it pulled a little bit from the established pattern but also clearly shows itself as something different.  Avindale started off as Avingon but that's a place in france, so rather then confuse people I switched it to Avindale which google suggests doesn't exist or isn't anything particular, so google results should make this game show up pretty high in the pageranks.

The name is extremely unlikely to be changed at this point, especially seeing as how satisfied people are with it on top of it's other virtues.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Faustie (of drew up a sweet portrait of the protagonist.

What do you think of it?  Do you think it suits the character, the game, the setting?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below and vote in the poll!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Demo Released!

(There was a significant bug involving the Imp at the keep in version 1.00 that prevented playing a significant portion of the demo.  Please download latest version and judge from that.)

Woo!  Milestone day.  Has it really only been 8 days since development started?

The demo is officially out and probably 99% bug free. While the game is still filled with placeholders and is missing some content that will be included in those maps in the final version it's still a great day!  I wanted to thank everyone, especially those of the Futanari Palace forum, for their extremely helpful and very efficient bug-hunting and brainstorming!  I wanted to shout out special thanks to the following people:

- Scythless
- Quladi
- bliksemengel
- Thrext
- C-hop

And of course everyone else in that thread.

Cheers people!

Demo Release Candidate

Hey everyone,

The latest build is a Release Candidate for the official demo.  All of the content currently in the 0.15 build is probably going to be all there is for the demo version.  I'll probably update it with new art assets to swap out with the current placeholders and I may add in new material for the Colosseum as well as putting in items for sale in the summoning room once the items themselves are coded in but other then that it's probably going to be pretty locked for content.

I will continue to update this blog with the latest development news complete with screenshots, videos, my perceptions on developing a game like this and other comments.  This will be the main source for the latest news about this project.

Thanks everyone for your support so far!  Again, any artists or sprite artists who would like to contribute to this project please send me a message to let me know, I'd love to get rid of those placeholders.

Additionally anyone who would like to contribute in other ways to this project can donate using the donate button in the top right of this page, every dollar goes towards coffee, sandwiches and rent money for me, the enthusiastic but unemployed developer.

Cheers everyone!  Enjoy the demo!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Q: When will it be released?
 A: Based on the current speed of development I should expect a fully functional demo (with placeholders) by the 8th or 9th of January and a full release probably around late March.

Q: Can I help?
A:  Why yes!  I'm currently looking for sprite artists and general artists.  If you play and enjoy the techdemo and think you would enjoy making your mark on a popular game in development, please send me a message!  Sound and general developers are not currently needed but a talented and enthusiastic sound/music artist could sway me.  Gameplay suggestions are also welcome.

Q: What'll it cost me?
A: Nothing!  The game will always be free (once it's done) I am accepting paypal donations currently because I am poor and unemployed.  While this leaves me with lots of time to work on the game it also causes stress and distraction from development.  If people care enough and if there are donations made to encourage development/reward release then I can focus on building a better game and release sooner too.

Q: Can I see it now?
A: Yes, actually.  I have a techdemo that will be transformed into the game demo when it's polished enough.  The link is located on the page here.

Q: Does Faustie know you're using his art?!
A: Yes, he generously offered to allow me to include it in the game.  Please check out his awesome artwork on his site here, and send him a commission!  (Tell him I sent ya'!) 

General game description

 What it is:

Conquest of Avindale is a Hentai Role Playing Game.  It's a story driven and fun RPG game first and a sex-game second.  CoA is built using the RPG Maker XP application and is intended to be an authentic RPG experience with rich and rewarding gameplay.

Main selling points and why you should care :

- Play the role of a daemon intent on conquering the realm! Ever want to help the bad guy win in a normal RPG game? Well now you can BE the badass.

- Army Horde mechanic that keeps track of the innocents you convert into monsters, rewards for extra conversions and game-consequences.  Wage war on the good land!

- Collect souls and barter them with the netherworld in order to increase your power!

- Main character is a futa demoness! Holy crap why didn't I put that at the top of the list? (current placeholder graphics because I need to find and enslave an artist after I pound out enough of the game for anyone to care)

- Recruit party members both human and monstrous. Fuck them too!

- It's an H-RPG that will be in well-written english, suck on that japan.

- varied (and as of yet fully undecided) sexual encounters from simple fucks to elaborate egg/parasite/monster/vore/bdsm options.


- H-RPGM XP Futanari+weirdmonstersex and you get to take over the world, or at least a chunk of it. Stay tuned for a real update and a playable demo. (might take a while, but at least I'm unemployed so got lots of free time!)