Saturday, January 8, 2011

Demo Released!

(There was a significant bug involving the Imp at the keep in version 1.00 that prevented playing a significant portion of the demo.  Please download latest version and judge from that.)

Woo!  Milestone day.  Has it really only been 8 days since development started?

The demo is officially out and probably 99% bug free. While the game is still filled with placeholders and is missing some content that will be included in those maps in the final version it's still a great day!  I wanted to thank everyone, especially those of the Futanari Palace forum, for their extremely helpful and very efficient bug-hunting and brainstorming!  I wanted to shout out special thanks to the following people:

- Scythless
- Quladi
- bliksemengel
- Thrext
- C-hop

And of course everyone else in that thread.

Cheers people!


  1. Hah! 99% bug free... yeah well it's always the 1% that gets you. One of the imps wasn't behaving and fucked up access to the keep basement. Little bugger.

    Anyway it's all fixed up in the latest version.

  2. At least you found it at the beginning of the demo-phase and not because of some angry player.