Monday, January 10, 2011

Poll Results and Analysis

Our fist poll closed yesterday.  When asked the question "What do you think of the name of the game?" the results were:

39% of you responded with "It's great!"
41% of you responded with "It's good"
16% of you responded with "It's okay"
and two people thought it was not okay.

This shows us clearly that the majority are either satisfied or very satisfied with the game's name.  But really how much does a name matter?  Isn't it the game that counts?

Yes and no.

A name is a first impression, a name is a pretty face that invites you to learn about her personality.  While a name doesn't change the quality of what's inside, it does change how people initially perceive a thing.  If the game were called 'The Adventures of Hoola-Hoop Hickory Stick' I don't think people would be getting the right impression from what the game offers.

Part of my reasoning about choosing THIS name before something else is mainly in the fact that a lot of RPG games are 'quest of this' and 'quest of that' and since this RPG was a sort of inverse of the typical formula, that made a 'conquest of something' seem like a good choice since it pulled a little bit from the established pattern but also clearly shows itself as something different.  Avindale started off as Avingon but that's a place in france, so rather then confuse people I switched it to Avindale which google suggests doesn't exist or isn't anything particular, so google results should make this game show up pretty high in the pageranks.

The name is extremely unlikely to be changed at this point, especially seeing as how satisfied people are with it on top of it's other virtues.


  1. So I recently just found this page and the tech demo, and first off, it's amazing. I really really really look forward to the finished product!

    I'd really like to help somehow, but I have 0 experience in art/music. So I suppose all I can do at this point is voice my support for this project, I'll be refreshing this page daily! keep up the great work!

  2. Well I know not everyone is able or wants to, but the best way to help me and help this project is to make a donation. Of course the game will always be free but worrying about my next grocery bill is a constant distraction from development.

    No stress or pressure to you guys though, I'll keep at it regardless. (new blog post about new sprites coming up in a few hours)