Friday, January 21, 2011

Vote Analysis - Faustie's Drawing

Ahoy viewers,

The results of the latest vote are in.

For the question "What do you think of Faustie's picture?"
25% of you said It's Incredible
51% of you said It's Really Good
12% of you said It's Okay
5% of you said 'I Don't Like It'
and 5% of you just don't like the style.

The majority here is Positive with a large portion following up with Very Positive but a not insignificant number of people are not satisfied with the image.  Let's try to discern the reasons why:

Many of you reported in comments or forum threads that you're not fond of the testicles or the lack of an erection or both.  I can appreciate and agree with the principle.  I'll be sending an email to Faustie wondering if he would be interested in adding some gender-variations for us including full-female.  In the event that I get a full suite of gender-forms I will try to incorporate several or many of those forms into the game as choices either during char-gen or during gameplay. (doing one would make the other easy)

I will make a vote option regarding character gender next.


  1. Hmm...
    Maybe I'm just totally strange, but what bothered me wasn't really the balls or anything related...
    What bothered me the most was somehow the location of the horns which seemed a bit odd to me...

    Well *shrugs* never mind. It isn't important enough to critize the whole thing.

  2. I'm fine with futa, balls or none.
    I have a question about sprites though, are they currently place holders or not?

    I also have suggestion.
    There was another game which used slideshows of art in special sex scenes. Maybe you can do something simmilair.

  3. Some sprites are placeholders some are not. My main focus for this game is to ensure that there is consistency in sprites and animations (so the ones that don't seem to make sense now will be edited to match later).

    As to slideshows of art with sex-options and descriptions. Yes absolutely, I would be very happy to do it like this if only I had art to match to scenes. For now I have to take existing pictures and mesh scenes to them.

  4. Perhaps the protagonist could have a spell that allows her to change gender at will. The only issue would be having to have multiple versions for dialogue and sex scenes.