Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Update

Hello readers!

I've been busily and steadily working on the game and now we're up to 41 maps with a heck of a nice game shaping up.  I've finished mapping and started eventing the second town in the game now and also been working on combat mechanics including skills and other options. I had a few ideas for some new polls as well which I'll put up with this post.  I'll elaborate a little on the poll choices:

What are the most important components of the game for you?

For the answer 'Combat novelty and balance' I mean to refer to a variety of skills that interact with one another in interesting ways such as the commonly used Elemental Combos in games like Ogre Battle (Fire+Earth=Volcano).  Alternatively or in conjunction with that there is the idea of Lust/sex as an element or possibly as a stat like HP or SP.

For the answer 'Sex in Combat' I mean to refer to spells that force orgasms on the opponent, Lust as a Stat like HP/SP, basically sexuality taking an important part of the combat.  (This is a lot more work then the first choice)

For the answer 'Story/plot' I mean to refer to everything that happens outside of a combat screen.  This includes character development and portrayal, and all the things that make a good setting and storyline.

For the answer 'Sex in sprite form' I mean to refer to scenes like the ones already in the demo such as in the cabin or the Colosseum.

For the answer 'Picture + sex description and choices' I mean to refer to how it's done in Legend of Queen Opala.  These are not especially difficult to do, and I'm going to be implementing several of them in my game, the trouble is matching the story as it exists with pictures available to me.  As I can't draw a stickman without fucking it up, I rely exclusively on borrowed art.  In the case of Faustie I have several interesting art pieces I'll be using but there's always room for more.

For the answer 'More Game' I mean do you care about this being a game like... well, a game.  Think Final Fantasy 6.

For the answer 'More Sex' I mean do you just want an interactive space to indulge in all kinds of described depravity with little to not overarching plot of any concern.  The 'game' merely being a vehicle towards getting your fap on.


You can select more then one answer and if you want the game to be equal parts game and sex (or at least balanced) just check both options and it comes out the same.


I've been working on trying to find a MIDI music maker of some kind to use for the project but to be honest it's been trouble enough developing the skills to script the game plus the sprite-editing I've had to learn how to do as well and frankly I have as much musical talent as I do artistic talent.  Unfortunately while the tools and techniques used for sprite editing are relatively approachable I've had no such luck with finding any way to make any kind of music or sound effects for the game aside from taking them from other sources or using the included audio with the RTP.  Too bad, but I can certainly get by.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with the game and news.  I'm still on schedule for a march release but I'm picking up some part time work to pay the bills so I don't know how that will affect development time.  I already know that I'll be making a sequel and frankly I think this is what I want to do as a career.  The game-development part, not necessarily the sex-game part.  I haven't fully decided if I'll be making the sequel a sex game like this one or a more toned down version (still adult rated, but not so explicit).  I'll put up a vote about that after you guys play the finished version.



  1. I think that a question like this deserves a detailed response, so here I go:

    First, what I voted for of the seven choices: 1,2,3,6, and 7. I did not vote for either the sprite or picture sex choices because although both are nice, the nature of the sex in the game does not matter greatly to me.

    Now for the in depth response to each:
    1. Combat novelty: Being able to mix and match things to get a greater result is always fun, so I would definitely enjoy seeing it. Of the choices though it is probably lowest on my list.

    2. Sex in combat: GOD YES! The idea of a succubus taking over a land and not using sex to subdue her enemies just doesn't work for me. The idea of being able to fuck my opponents into submission is one of the things I thought of and wanted when I first read the description for the game on FP. This is perhaps to me the most important aspect to include in the game.

    3. Story/Plot: Yes, please. I greatly enjoy story in my games. I do need to add however, that I also like when there are plenty of things to attend to outside of the story. Hm, analogy-Plot is a house, the better the plot the better the house, but it still is kinda boring if there's no furniture (non-plot fun) in the house.

    4/5. Sex in Sprite/Picture form: Sex is always fun in games, but I'm not all that concerned with how it is portrayed. A nice mix of both would please me best I think.

    6. More game: Going back to plot/story and my analogy, it seems quite pointless and messy/trashy to just throw a bunch of furniture in an open lot. Must have a good framework and reasons to do stuff. Plus it increases my interest in actually playing.

    7. More sex: It's always fun to get sex scenes and the like, but I do enjoy the ability to just go play with random victims. Being able to randomly jump those I have subdued (or in areas I haven't conquered for added chaos and fun) adds a high level of playability beyond the whole conquer the land thing. Even if it's just the ability to play with prisoners in my dungeon, having an area to 'get my fap on' is sometimes exactly what I want after a long day of conquest.

    Yay text wall! That seems to be all my thoughts for now. Summed up: More of everything is better.

  2. While the sex is obviously important in a game like this, I can't emphasize my desire for a good combat system enough. It doesn't necessarily need to be a novel one but a well balanced, fun mechanic. I'd also like to see sex in combat, perhaps as a finisher. It just makes sense and would enhance the game.

    How the sex is depicted doesn't bother me too much. Sprites are good. Descriptions are good. Either, both, doesn't matter to me. What I do want is some unique scenarios. While I respect the point Aetrun made about random encounters, I prefer something with more detail to it.

    Thanks for making an awesome game, BTW.

  3. Another point that maybe should be emphasized a bit is that this game might well fall apart if enough attention isn't paid to the progression and continuity of the story.

    While more sex and pictures and description and sprite on sprite action is great, we have a final point to work towards in the game, and if there isn't meat to it I think many people will play it once and set it aside, which would be sad considering the vision of the original idea and the effort that's gone into things so far.

    And perhaps some smaller side options with some of the battles, like the group of 3 bandits in the first city... an option to fight them four souls, or offer them some time sexing Claire up and gain the three as minions instead (and maybe a corruption point as well).

  4. if you want so good music for the game you could use/ask for some from here:

  5. More sex, less HARDCORE RPG to get to it. :D

  6. Fantastic game so far. So far I think you have a good mix of sex/rpg going on, keep doing what you're doing. I'd, personally, like to see some paperdoll reactions during conversations... body language and facial expressions. Maybe even add a little of that in with the sex scenes.

    Also, the consequences of sex in the game. Perhaps you could breed potential minions or heirs... or maybe use them as sacrifices to yourself. Breeding pits full of women at different stages of their breeding development, possibly even fertility spells/drugs gone wrong.

    That's just my two cents.