Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Protagonist Sprite WIP + Second Party Member quest

Using existing models as a guide the following sprite has been created and is 75% complete, with only an 'up facing' sequence left to do.

Additionally the quest to get your second party member has been completed with extensive dialogue and 4 new maps.


  1. Looks nice :) Keep going, you're doing a great job here

  2. Since time of writing that particular quest has gained another two maps.

  3. i want some help i start play the game and i killed everyone in town and rape the girls and kill the undead after all this i went to other side of town where you fight mobs and go to the dragon i coudnt pass the imp and coudent pass the imp in town i need help :S

    and is there some cods or seacrt things make me stronger plz help

  4. Go back to the dungeon area where you started, there's a.. dungeon you can play around in. This isn't a full game though, just a demo.