Thursday, January 6, 2011

General game description

 What it is:

Conquest of Avindale is a Hentai Role Playing Game.  It's a story driven and fun RPG game first and a sex-game second.  CoA is built using the RPG Maker XP application and is intended to be an authentic RPG experience with rich and rewarding gameplay.

Main selling points and why you should care :

- Play the role of a daemon intent on conquering the realm! Ever want to help the bad guy win in a normal RPG game? Well now you can BE the badass.

- Army Horde mechanic that keeps track of the innocents you convert into monsters, rewards for extra conversions and game-consequences.  Wage war on the good land!

- Collect souls and barter them with the netherworld in order to increase your power!

- Main character is a futa demoness! Holy crap why didn't I put that at the top of the list? (current placeholder graphics because I need to find and enslave an artist after I pound out enough of the game for anyone to care)

- Recruit party members both human and monstrous. Fuck them too!

- It's an H-RPG that will be in well-written english, suck on that japan.

- varied (and as of yet fully undecided) sexual encounters from simple fucks to elaborate egg/parasite/monster/vore/bdsm options.


- H-RPGM XP Futanari+weirdmonstersex and you get to take over the world, or at least a chunk of it. Stay tuned for a real update and a playable demo. (might take a while, but at least I'm unemployed so got lots of free time!)

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  1. Hey man I was hoping to get a minute to pick your brain. Playin this actually inspired me to make a a H-RPG myself. Shoot me an email at if you dont mind, need to ask you about some of the sprites