Saturday, January 8, 2011

Demo Release Candidate

Hey everyone,

The latest build is a Release Candidate for the official demo.  All of the content currently in the 0.15 build is probably going to be all there is for the demo version.  I'll probably update it with new art assets to swap out with the current placeholders and I may add in new material for the Colosseum as well as putting in items for sale in the summoning room once the items themselves are coded in but other then that it's probably going to be pretty locked for content.

I will continue to update this blog with the latest development news complete with screenshots, videos, my perceptions on developing a game like this and other comments.  This will be the main source for the latest news about this project.

Thanks everyone for your support so far!  Again, any artists or sprite artists who would like to contribute to this project please send me a message to let me know, I'd love to get rid of those placeholders.

Additionally anyone who would like to contribute in other ways to this project can donate using the donate button in the top right of this page, every dollar goes towards coffee, sandwiches and rent money for me, the enthusiastic but unemployed developer.

Cheers everyone!  Enjoy the demo!

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