Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrations and Anxiety!

Good news everyone!

I've been laid-off from work due to economic difficulties of my company!

This is actually something that makes me very happy, as I will be able to once again devote my time to two of my favourite things, working on this game and saving money by eating cat food.

I have no idea where I will be or what quality cardboard box I will be living out of, but I am happy!  I mean, terribly anxious, but haaapppyyyy!

Please do not take this as a plea for money, the amount of time I have been able to put into the game over the past few months has been shameful, and well below my own standards, I don't deserve any donations for the game based off of that performance.  However, I look forward to getting the game really rolling again because frankly I owe it to you all, you guys have been as keen on this game as I have, and I really deeply appreciate all of your support and comments.

To tell the truth, this game and your support really helped me out of a bad state last year.  I was at a very low point.  I'll spare you the specifics but suffice it to say I was really lacking in the good things in my life at the time.  My new years resolution to start working on the game on January 1st and the support and interest I received from all of you really gave me some validation and helped me out more than you could know.  It's silly to say, but the praise and energy I received from everyone while I was working on the game, and my own focus on it, gave me what I needed to pull myself out of that bad place.

It really is silly though, considering it's just some hentai jrpg game, but hey gotta have something right?  It even helped give me the confidence to start writing and submitting short stories to magazines, something I could not bring myself to do before, and while that has not yet been the amazing success I was hoping it would be, the feedback I've received from professional editors has encouraged me to keep it up.

The only shame of it all is that despite the satisfaction and fulfillment I get from doing the game design and fiction writing, it's not something I can make a living off of, at least not yet.

Regardless of all that I'm a bit rambling now, let me just end by saying once again thank you to you all.  Your interest in this project has helped me out personally and dearly.  I look forward to repaying you all by finishing the game and making many more in the future.  Thank you!

- Michus

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years!

Thank you all for your support and interest in this project.

I think you will find this release to be more significant than any other, as it contains all the current contents and work on the game to date.  It is not finished or polished in some places so you may find it glitchy, buggy or otherwise unbalanced.

Please use the comments below to describe any problems you encountered while playing and any other comments.  Thank you all very much for your patience!  I hope you won't have to wait so much in the future for new version releases.

Download Here

- Michus