Thursday, January 6, 2011


Q: When will it be released?
 A: Based on the current speed of development I should expect a fully functional demo (with placeholders) by the 8th or 9th of January and a full release probably around late March.

Q: Can I help?
A:  Why yes!  I'm currently looking for sprite artists and general artists.  If you play and enjoy the techdemo and think you would enjoy making your mark on a popular game in development, please send me a message!  Sound and general developers are not currently needed but a talented and enthusiastic sound/music artist could sway me.  Gameplay suggestions are also welcome.

Q: What'll it cost me?
A: Nothing!  The game will always be free (once it's done) I am accepting paypal donations currently because I am poor and unemployed.  While this leaves me with lots of time to work on the game it also causes stress and distraction from development.  If people care enough and if there are donations made to encourage development/reward release then I can focus on building a better game and release sooner too.

Q: Can I see it now?
A: Yes, actually.  I have a techdemo that will be transformed into the game demo when it's polished enough.  The link is located on the page here.

Q: Does Faustie know you're using his art?!
A: Yes, he generously offered to allow me to include it in the game.  Please check out his awesome artwork on his site here, and send him a commission!  (Tell him I sent ya'!) 

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