Saturday, April 9, 2011

New demo version out - 1.07.1

*edit*  There was a hilarious bug in version 1.05, if you downloaded that it won't work at all.  Links have been updated with version 1.06 which should work correctly.

**edit** links have been further updated with version 1.07 which contains a custom icon for the game file, fixes the map-crashes and is in a Zip file rather then a self extracting executable, so AV programs should be a little less paranoid.

***edit*** V. 1.07.1 is out, fixed two crash bugs and slightly lowered difficulty of some enemies, (Bandit & cockatrices)

Since it's been requested so much, I put together a new demo that contains all the features and updates put into the game since the last demo version.  Since there are so many (admittedly minor) improvements I won't mention them here, but suffice it to say you should have a much cleaner and more complete experience and it should start feeling quite a bit like an actual game now.

The demo only features about 10 maps I think and it's not representative of the final experience since it's missing two recruitable npcs, several cutscenes, 30+ maps and so on.

Of course I'm only about a third or so done with the game.  I haven't had a lot of time to work on the game lately as I've been spending most of my days looking for work downtown and enjoying a few 'lovely' temp jobs.

When things settle down I can plug away at it for a few good hours and get a cutscene or a few maps done, it's just a matter of time until it's complete.  I would love to have the game finished and done for you guys but I can only work on it so fast.  :P

Anyway, hope you enjoy the cleaner demo experience.  As always the game is contained in a self-extracting executable so simply give it a folder to empty out in and it should contain all the necessary DLLs and other add-ons to function correctly without needing to install a run time package or RPG Maker XP.  If it doesn't work for you for some reason let me know and I'll look into it.

Oh and do feel free to spread the word to your friends about the game, the more people enjoying it the happier I'll be.  Oh also:  If I receive enough in donations I'll try to get Faustie to whip up a few commissions (title screen, alternative character sexes (female, herm, erect, etc)).


Oh, the link for the download is Here and on the right hand side of this page on the menu.


  1. Sorry if you're already working on this but the new demo does not work.
    If you try to start a new game it says: Unable to find file Data/Map043.rxdata

  2. Oh. Hmm. Let me look into that.

  3. Okay there was a hilarious problem with version 1.05 where the game tried to start by loading the player into a map that didn't exist.

    It should be working fine now and all the links have been changed to the new version 1.06

  4. Ha ha your real April fools joke came out of nowhere ;)

  5. First off, awesome job. I stumbled on this about a month ago and have been eagerly awaiting news. I do have a quick question: Are maps 37 and 29 supposed to be in this demo? I know in the original we couldn't even try to walk there (behind the throne and north of the village). Now I can, but the game ends because it can't find a map. Is that just the limit of the demo? Either way, awesome work so far!

  6. Ah no those aren't supposed to be in the demo. I removed the maps from the distributed file because I didn't want clever folks peeking at it with save game editors and so on. I neglected to put some 'dragons be here' imps to block the path though. I'll put up a fixed version sometime this weekend, but don't bother re-downloading that one since it'll have no additional content.

  7. Slight problem. I tried to download, but the rapidshare file was removed by Norton without a chance for me to do anything about it. Something in the file is setting off anti-virus, so could you look into that.

  8. downloaded the 1.06 version and it crashes at the main screen, after it just crashes...

  9. The file might be setting off the antivirus because it self-extracts into it's own folder, to a dumb AV it might look like a trojan or something.

    I updated a few crash-causing errors with the previous two versions and also manually zipped up the game files which should ideally prevent any AV from getting grumpy with it.

    Any program such as winzip or 7zip should be able to unzip the file, simply unzip the folder and place it anywhere you like, then run the game.exe.

    New version (zip file) here:

  10. woo! Thanks for addressing my anon question about the maps (I've since figured out how to be me...yay). The game is looking great - I do like all the little minor improvements :)
    Makes sense about keeping things secret - I love a good surprise

  11. There is a game out there similar to yours, it's called Violated Heroine but it's in japanese and very hard to translate, not asking you to make it exactly the same, just maybe you can get some ideas from it...

  12. well, VH is sort of CoA. But I like the fact that in CoA, you're doing all of the violating. While it's fun making poor Nanako pregnant with a minotaur baby, I would more enjoy impregnating nuns :)

  13. oh yes it is, oh all the things i make poor Nanako do... good times.
    although i'd be nice if CoA has sprite and pics in sex scenes line VH has, moving gifs might be asking too much but one can dream right?, i think he was thinking of doin that, pic + sprite, i could be wrong...

  14. Correct, I intend there to be a combination of sprite sex scenes (as are in the demo) as well as picture-based scenes in a manner similar to how they are done in Queen Opala.