Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bandits? We don't need no stinkin' bandits!

Hello one and all.

Many new improvements to speak of including some cutscenes and new maps, but I'll show a screenshot of one of the new encounters in the game.  It's not hard to find, but there are several interesting choices to make at the Skullfuckers Bandit Base pictured here:

There's some tweaks I still need to make to the scene (weather) and fill in some of the consequences and code mechanics (money loss, soul gain, etc... bandit acquisition as well.)

Anyway, progress is good and I've got a lot more time lately to work on the game but due to the lack of development last month I'm going to have to push the release date back a bit.  It really depends on how polished a game you guys want on the first version release.... and since I'd like to put my best foot forward rather then chase after crappy little bugs that ruin an adventure... well, I'll try to put out a pretty solid game on the first run through before concentrating on making a Deluxe version with new sound effects, adventures and so on.

I'll definitely be working on a second game after this one, and I already have a few ideas kicking around in my head which I'll make a poll about in the future.

As always I would like to thank the few people who have donated for development so far, your donations give me enthusiasm and support for the project and help pay for those pots of delicious coffee I chug down day after day.

Cheers and thanks for reading.


  1. Huzzah. Can't wait to play this. I like the look of it. Just wish I had more than a demo to tide me over. Oh well, keep up the good work.

  2. Sounds like a group I would make work for me, non-enslaved minions can be so helpful at times.

    As far as the initial release, I personally would prefer to wait a little longer for a more polished game rather than get a game sooner that hasn't been well checked for bugs. Even if you do decide to release a poorly bug-checked version as an open beta so we can get playing sooner, I doubt many people would be upset even if there were gamebreaking bugs hiding somewhere.

  3. Hey, sent a little your way - very excited about this game, demo very good - hope the donation makes the bug squashing more tolerable.


    first version oo
    or a base version becouse of the stomach

  5. Is there a .ini file for the save game editor?

  6. Michus?
    some feedback pls that i can know what i need to do or so before i make the full charset oo

  7. Sure. I was going to take a quick crack at editing the image a bit, see which directions I could take it, but I haven't had the time to get to it. I'll do that now and get back to you later today.


    I did some tweaking, I'm pretty pleased with the direction of it and would probably put it into the game as-is, but if you think there are some additional improvements that could be made I would be happy for you to take another crack at it.

  9. just some shading in the stomache area and maybe one phallus or so oo

  10. anyone know if we will get an updated demo?

  11. A couple people have asked about an updated demo. That makes me wonder what people are expecting from an updated demo exactly? There are certainly all kinds of new things in the game but... oh well alright, I suppose I'll put up an updated demo for you guys for this weekend. Maybe I'll put in an easter egg or something as well.

    I'll try to put something up in the next few hours, but I might pass out and sleep. Stay tuned!

  12. No need to rush I was just wondering if a new one was in the works?