Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check in

Hello everyone,

Though I have been very distracted in life lately and haven't had the time to put much work into the game I am still chipping away at it here and there.  I have recently added in a new town to the game and have coded in the first optional 'heroic' action for the character along with some interesting battles and dialogue I think.  So far no picture-based sex scene but that's only because the area I've been working on doesn't need or can't fit one in.  As the game progresses and more areas are completed, I will see where I can put in some scenes like that.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still here and still working on it.  When I get a considerable amount more work done I will send a beta-build to the testers (bless them) and give you guys some screencaps.

Live and love safe, everybody!


  1. Glad to see you're alive. Of all the games I found through FP, most looking forward to this one.

  2. yeah just work on it ^^

    what sprite should i make that you stop to ignore my offers?

  3. If you really want to help me out by making a sprite, I currently need one for this character: http://faustie.com/wp-content/galleries/featured-artwork/baron%20fishbone.jpg

  4. then i will make two front versions for the beginning oo

    that you can tell me what version fits your taste better oo

    one in the height of a standart rpg maker sprite and one with the double but with more details oo

    ähm you mean the fish...?

  5. k ^^

    just wait a little and i will post it so soon it is done ^^

  6. michus oo?

    i would need a pic from his feets too

    but at the moment in order to make it detailed as possible the sprite is to big to be used with the sprites you are using at the moment oo

  7. Well, that's the only picture of him that I know of so you'll have to invent fish-feet.

    As to sprite size: The best that can be done at the current size of sprites in the game is what we'll have to do. It doesn't have to be the most detailed thing in the world, but should be recognizable as that character in some way.

  8. D'you reckon you could explain the 'heroic' thing a bit? By all means avoid spoilers but could you go into a bit more detail? I can be 'good'*? Expanding on the last question - does the game generally leave the 'why' up to the player like the graveyard/raise-undead bit at the start**?

    * Well this kinda depends on what the writing says about the character's intent. Saving villagers from bandits could equal wanting to kill people stronger than villagers just as much as desiring grovelling and servile 'subjects'. Kinda dickish to raise the guys in the graveyard innit? The guy did ask you not to - nicely and everything - even 'gives' you a pretty sword.

    ** Which... ya'know doesn't say /anything/ about it.

  9. Ah... when I said heroic, I meant as a traditional thing heroes do. I can't really say much for fear of spoiling it but suffice it to say from my perspective it seems to work as part of the story and as part of character motivation.

    Throughout the game you will have choices and options, but they really tend to fall on a scale of 'slightly evil' to 'super evil' rather then having many 'good' options.

  10. Fair 'nuff mate. If I could bother you a bit more... what are my chances of playing a more... arrogant, polite and lustful daemon with just a dash of crazy? Raise the graveyard? Nah. He /did/ asked nicely. Burn those fugly clothes? Uh... yeah? Are you implying that I'd /let/ someone walk around in that travesty? Know that you insult me greatly and walk now on /thin/ ice. Slaughter villagers who've already surrendered? Nope. I've gold, souls and minions to spare and yet lack groveling. If I merely wish for barbarism I've an abundance of enemies for the slaughter.

    Dude can rant.

  11. Well the protagonist has that nice cage for female prisoners and I don't see why, further into the game, it's unreasonable to simply overthrow a town rather then kill or immediately enslave everyone in it. We'll see how it works out in development.

  12. it will be recognizable ^^

    but i want to make him a little bigger then the normal sprite size ^^ just 5 pixel or so more oo

  13. I suppose that will be fine, shouldn't a fish be a tall fish.

  14. Hello hello. Stumbled onto the game, played the d3mon, realized that there was beta testing to be done on a more complete game and figured I'd try to find aw ay of cotnacting you. If you're interested or tihnk Ic ould be of sue as a beta tester, tell me. I'll make sure and find some better way thanb eing an anon in a comment to get a hold of ya so we cant alk of it. If, on the other hand, you think your current beta testers are enough then... well, either way, thank you for working on a game as amazinga s this. I can't wait to see more.